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just a small distraction from daily life will get some of us through the day. and from death will always be hope that wwe will thrive once again

dont mooch my beer

or else you get warm beer

okay so i really didnt want to do this. but maby becasue im slightly drunk right now it helps or maby not.

throughout last semester we got to hang out a good amount of times. we got to hang out and have fun and you met my friends and i met yours. and i had alot of fun hanging with you.
your super cool and interesting and are very pasionate and deep in your knowledge of life. and i enjoyed learning that about you when we got together.

but this smester i feel like we’ve not hung out that much. and honestly i really like you. and its because that we havent hung out that much that im now doing this over facebook and instead of in person…yes i feel like crap doing it this way….but its the only way so far that ive been able to communicate with you. so

i like you and ive invited you to hang out and do stuff and be my freind. but youve been busy like your busy is the amount of free time im not doing anything. and maby its bad timing on my part that i havent gotten to hang with you or maby you dont want to hang with me at all and are totally fed up with me. and

i stopped texting you for a while there to se e if your interested in me at all. but you never texted back so that kinda let me down a bit.

But i totally understand if you dont like me and would like me to leave you alone and just stop bothering you. you lead a busy life i assume with school and everything else going on in life. and you probley dont need me pestering you on the daily.

so this is trying to conform that i should just move on and stop wanting and trying to care about you because i do and i really wouldl like you to like me back. but thats your choice and yours alone to make.

i feel like ive tried alot to want to hang out with you and be your frieind and maby something more but i totally could be wrong.

so let me know what you think…and once again sorry for doing this over facebook i know its pretty cowerdly and lame that i have to do it this way but texting takes to much time and i dont know when else i can talk to you.

and there goes anotherone

im alone surrounded by poeple 

been quite 

i choose to lead not to read